Install awnings in the condominium

When you decide to install tents from the sun , but you live in a condo , you have to know one thing: the same, because of their nature, are subject to the constraints of the rules governing the rights of owners as opposed to the right to view the neighbors.

Installing awnings: the many advantages
The tents from the sun are an excellent solution to protect their privacy and defend themselves by the heat so eco-friendly . The savings on the bill, due to less use of the air conditioning system, can be considerable, not to mention that open spaces become more liveable. Deciding to install them , especially in the presence of tax relief , can therefore be an excellent idea. By contacting Lodi in Tenda you can be sure of the best supply and installation service for Milan and its province and Lodi. It is also possible to have a professional opinion to choose the right model for your needs.

The different types of awnings
Of awnings, in fact, there are several types : tents from sun canopy , elegant and perfect for balconies and windows ; the pergotende , which allow a four-season livability of the terrace; the awnings with arms , suitable for a top protection; drop- down awnings , which offer front protection and resist wind better; the blinds, horizontal scrolling , modern and able to provide a perfect vertical coverage; finally, the attic awnings , ideal for offering large coverings and for gardens.

Awnings in the condominium
If you live in a condominium, however, you need to know and evaluate whether the installation of the curtains can limit the right of view of the neighbors . In this regard it is worth noting that there are differences between types: those to fall and a canopy are less limiting , albeit with some exceptions, conversely those to penthouse , horizontal scrolling , the pergotende or models in arms are more prone to create contrasts .

This is not an irrelevant detail: there is legislation on the subject, which, in practice, is subject to flexible interpretation by the competent authority.

What the law on the right of sight says
The right to view is governed by article 907 of the civil code . The same establishes that it is forbidden to build in such a way as to limit the direct and open view of the properties of others, that is , less than 3 meters from the border with them . Doing so would, in fact, hinder the right of neighboring people. The prerogative of facing is intended to refer to the front , side and oblique. As far as the condominium is concerned, this right also applies in a vertical sense (in this case we speak of the right of upright facing). Awnings, as far as the view limitation is concerned, are in many cases comparable to buildings even if they are not, since they can obstruct the view. To make the difference are the size , the type , the location .

Basically, the installation of the tents is subject to compliance with the distances established by article 907. For bordering means condominiums that reside at the floor upper , as well as others in the second where they are installed the curtains and, of course, the conformation of the building in which they are located. As for the common areas, the installation of awnings is allowed as long as it takes place in a space of exclusive use, and without prejudice to the respect of the rights of others just seen.

Application of article 907 concerning the right of view
In practice, the effective application of the law on the subject, when the object consists of awnings, is “smoothed out” by the judge’s faculty of interpretation of the individual case.The right of view is in fact opposed by the right of ownership , which is equally important, as can be seen in many real cases discussed in court. In short, it is up to the judge to evaluate when a right prevails or when there are well-founded reasons for privileging the opposite right. The balance depends on the needs of the counterparties and the arrangement of the spaces involved.

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